Two Slits to Become a Wave

Theory of the day: We can never achieve true freedom unless we are on our own and unobserved…..and maybe never because we are always self-observing (even our thoughts).

Behind the theory;

The Double Slit Experiment:

A screen with two slits was placed in a room, with an electron gun on one side, and another screen on the other side to catch the electrons coming through the slits of the initial screen. The electron gun was fired, and when observed, the electrons created a two slit pattern (as expected), as seen below;


The electrons behave just as normal particles are expected to behave, creating two lines of electrons that passed through the screen.

The really curious thing happened when the experiment was conducted again unobserved. The electrons behaved differently and presented a different pattern on the second screen. They behaved like a wave as seen in the images below;



There are many similar theories that exist that say that particles, electrons, and everything else we physically see behave differently when unobserved.

Note: By observation here I mean observation by humans, by either placing a camera in the room to record the event, or have some sort of screen that allows scientists to observe the experiment.


When observed, I think, we all behave just a bit differently, our conduct, our action, everything. Even when we are on our own, but we believe we are observed or could be observed. We behave differently than when we know we no one can see us, but even then we are still conscious enough of the small possibility of someone seeing us.

So if we assume that we behave like the electrons fired through the gun ( as we are made of particles and electrons), then can we assume that we do not know our own true state of freedom until we are completely on our own and unobserved?


Now given that we are talking about a personal degree of freedom, even when we are completely on our own in a physical space. Does our personal observation of ourselves, our physical entity, our thoughts, our emotions,  at any given point still have an effect on our own personal degree of freedom? I think the answer is yes because even when we are on our own (which I assume any reader is at least in the toilet when home alone), our particles still do not behave differently.

But what happens when we stop observing anything, when we stop observing our physical entity, stop observing our own thoughts, neutralize emotion. Do our particles then start behaving differently?

Thought while typing this thought:

Meditation. Maybe it does have some sort of effect on internal balance, and personal freedom. Because assuming meditation is just closing your eyes and clearing your mind (the tough bit). Then we can assume that to some degree we stop observing what is around us, ourselves, or even our thoughts. The clarity of it will give our own particles or existence to be in a more natural state for some time. A truer degree of freedom, and thus you come out a bit more relaxed, and in balance.