God, Physics, & Your Significance

I believe in God. Not religion. But God, or a higher power, or a higher form of energy. There is no way we exist in such simple and limited form, and there is nothing with a more complex conscious. Yes, I know, it doesn’t make it God. But I will present my two theories (joined at the end) if you keep reading.

First Theory – The Existence of Higher form of Energy:

Think about the amount of energy you have as a single individual. Now combine that with everyone else in the world, now with earth, the moon, and our entire solar system. All that is not even a speck of dust of energy in comparison to the universe. Now, think of all the energy in the universe, the amount of it and combine It together.

There are two basic laws of physics which the world abides by (as to our current knowledge)

  • You can neither create nor destroy energy
  • For every action, there is a reaction

Now if I am to think of all the amount of energy that is there, to me, it would mean that there must have been a really big initial action to cause our universe as a reaction. Something with a tremendous amount of energy caused this as a reaction. If you say “the big bang theory” well then, in order for the big bang to actually happen, all the gas that existed in space (which caused the bang), would have to have been formed due to another action, as gas itself is a form of energy, and it would not have popped out of nowhere.

Furthermore, we need to keep in mind that this reaction has caused us humans to exist, with our little insignificant conscious. The fact that our consciousness exists would lead to a definite possibility that other types of consciousness exist, more complex and advanced. And thus whatever initial form of energy which caused this universe as a reaction would have a conscious, and a much bigger one than ours.

This does not adversely mean that God in the sense of religion exists. It does not mean that there is a form of energy judging you for “good” or “bad” deeds. It just means that something outside of our conscious and realm exists.

Second Theory – Your Significance:

To start off, if we were to attempt to measure your significance. Assuming infinite space & time, you are completely insignificant. Because if I were to divide your total time-span on earth over infinity it equals null. Even the space you take divided by infinity is null. Thus, according to infinite space and time, you are insignificant. But….

Imagine yourself on a train (car/plane), you have your headset on, and just moving past villages and meadows. You don’t really feel time pass by, you observe as things and objects pass by, but in reality. You are not conscious of the amount of time passing by.

Now, think of yourself outside of the train, passing by. You are observing it. You feel that time is passing by as the train is moving through the distance in front of you. When you are sitting down with friends, you feel that time is passing by.

Now leave that thought there. And let us look at a bigger picture (this is going to get a bit complicated)

Think of space-time continuum. Where the x-axis is time, and y-axis is space. As seen below,


Now, if we were just going through time, living our life span, and just moving along the space-time continuum. We shouldn’t be able to feel time pass by. Nevertheless, if you were sitting in a room, doing absolutely nothing. You still have a feeling that time is passing by as you are sitting there, you don’t know how much, but you have a general feeling that time is passing.


If there is a part of you that is conscious to time-passing by as you are going through time itself, that implies that a part of you (I will refer to as the soul), exists outside of the time-space continuum, observing yourself pass through time.

The fact that there is something outside of the space-time continuum, that means that it is finite and not infinite. Which means that if I were to try to calculate your significance again,  I am not dividing your life span or space by infinity. But by a finite number, which means that you are 0.0000000000000000000…………….00000000000000001 of significance.

Further Thoughts:

To me, I believe that God or the Higher form of Energy, or Consciousness is some sort of pure being. It is both good and bad, it is both positive and negative. It is the equilibrium of all. We, our cells, our creations, the land we step on, the air we breathe, the table we put our coffee mug on. We are all made out of the same particles, our atoms are just arranged differently, giving us different qualities and specifications. Our soul is connected to all, as it is part of all, part of God, pure in its sense. But stuck in this physical realm.

Just remember. You are part of everything. And Everything is a part of you. You are part of God, as God is your existence. Keep it simple.