Change is the Only Constant

I will repeat

Change is the only constant!

In our world & in our Lives.

No matter what we do, no matter who we are. Tomorrow will come, and everything with it. (Babies, tides, wind, death, catastrophes, love, hate…), all of it.  Tomorrow will come, today will end, and the past will never be again, or never the exact same.

We are in constant change; our cells are regenerating as you are reading this. You probably took 5 breaths as well, changed the oxygen within you. The sun has set a bit more, and will end this cycle without ever repeating it again. It will go onto its next cycle.

Change is the only constant!

No matter what.


Then what?

Well, its both comforting & unsettling to know that everything will change, or end, as new things are formed & born. The perfect moment will end, but also time will reduce the pain you feel right now. It works both ways.

Accepting constant change will help. For example;

Never take things for granted, as it can all fade away. This includes relationships, jobs, routines, your body, skin, and everything else. Even the air you breathe, and the nature in front of you will change. Always remember to appreciate what you have. Take it all in.

No matter how bad it is, there is still tomorrow. If you cannot do anything now. Try again tomorrow. If it is unbearable now, tomorrow will come anyways. And some good sleep will at least change your mood for tomorrow. Your body will give you a small push to continue to the next day. Always trust that whatever you are going through will end. If it won’t, then you can change it. Remove it completely. Change is the only possibility.

If you are conscious about your decisions, specific to your goals, change is inevitable. Even if it is not always what you imagined it to be exactly, but you can change things towards what you want to be. Trust me, change will come whether you like it or not.

Change does not happen abruptly, and it is affected by a lot of factors, some of which we know, so of which we don’t. If you keep concentrating on the little things which you can do, the little things which you can change. The things that you want to do, and believe will get you to where you want. That is much more than doing absolutely nothing, and letting change drift you along an unknown cycle.