Amino – Acids

So my friend told me that that the oldest meteorite found on earth has traces of Amino acids and that only 30% of the compounds we are made off are found on earth. So two things come to mind.

First Theory:

Imagine there was a planet that had amino acids on it, it might have been in some sort of frozen state, and thus the amino acids were not able to react with anything and evolve. Some sort of crash happens, and it sends pieces of that planet flying into space, becoming meteorites with amino acids. Those meteorites then crash into multiple planets.

So humans and life on earth only formed because of a random amino-acid meteorite hit the earth.

Now, given that this meteorite has hit multiple planets, amino acids could have evolved in different ways, on different planets, under different conditions. Thus, we can be only one version of the evolution of amino acids.

Second Theory:

Humans are a parasitic species that invade different planets and grow into this mass culture. The idea is that we are transported as amino-acids to different planets, where the amino acids can evolve and grow, till they completely take over the planet. They would either need to amass enough population for the “mother planet” to reap it’s “newest” breed/population/ citizens. Or we become enough technologically advanced to reach back to the “mother planet” with all the knowledge we collect on the way there. Or lastly, we destroy planets, and thus it is a way for the amino acid species to make sure no other species are able to evolve on these planets.