Kharyane Kharayane

خريانة خريانة

If I were to attempt to translate the meaning of Kharyane Kharyane its
“It’s Shit, Its shit… So you might as well”
The Concept:
Whatever we are, whatever we do, whatever we believe, whatever we think. It is all in a pile with millions and billions of similar lives, past, future, and present. And life can be really hard sometimes, sometimes good, slow, fast, and all in all. Shit. In a good and bad way. No matter what shit thing you finish now, we all know more is coming, because that’s life.

So the point is, given that shit is coming no matter what we do, it will keep moving and passing. The best thing to do is exactly what you want to do. Be who you are, and what you want to be. Work really hard to get there (you have to work anyways; might as well be towards something you want). Take risks, jump high, laugh hard, stretch your body, mind & heart. Keep learning, every day.

It’s shit, Its shit. So you might as well do exactly what you want to do, sit at home, water your plants, dance, make jokes, and be you.
The concept is aimed at being true to yourself. Relations & Relationships end, but you will always be with yourself. You need to make sure that what you are doing is something you personally want to do. Even if it’s a risk, even if you are scared. Do not worry. Take a chance on yourself. And remember given that shit will always come, it means it will always end. (It has to give space for what is next).